Winter Workshop Madness, a report

Since the wheater got colder and the days less sunnier, every student either felt the urge to sit in front of a screen and watch the latest series or even to study. As AES Student-Section Graz, we’ve decided to do something about that and, well, put everybody behind a screen. We organized the “Winter Workshop Madness”, where we put together a bundle of various workshops on exciting programming languages for several audio and electronic related applications. There were our annual workshops (novice and advanced) for Pure Data, the graphical programming language which is heavily used and developed at the IEM Graz. Pure Data enables us to build software synthesizers, create deep sound design patches or setup a digital mixing system for multichannel-audio formats like Ambisonics and binaural audio. Traditionally, it was held by our colleague Veit Winkler, former SDA Chair (2010) and longtime Pure Data user in a novice and an advanced part. Further we had a workshop in EAGLE, the Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor, which is a handy software to design PCB Layouts and circuit diagrams. This workshop was held as extension of our longtime project “Klangwerkstatt” in which students join together to build their own analog audio gear. Fellow sound engineer Florian Loacker-Schöch hosted this interesting workshop for our students. Last but not least, we had the pleasure of hosting not one, but two editions of a JUCE workshop, presented by Daniel Rudrich (IEM/KUG). JUCE is a C++ application framework designed for creating mobile and desktop applications and is heavily used because of it’s GUI and plug-in capabilities. Because of it’s strong signal processing library it is very handy for writing VST plug-ins. All workshops were well recieved and were a lot of fun. We are very happy, that each workshop was held by students and former students of our study Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering.