Special-Spatial-Breakoutsession – Report

This year’s first breakout-session was a special one – A special spatial one to be precise. Instead of a bunch of people gathering behind the mixing console in the recording studio, this session had a lot of participants, trying to get a center seat at the IEM CUBE, a loudspeaker hemisphere, designed for spatial audio playback. And while usually the breakout-sessions feature music productions from a wide range of genres, this one had completely different projects.

After yet another attempt to explain ambisonics in simple words from board members Thomas Deppisch and Nils Meyer-Kahlen, our collegue Leon Merkel gave a demonstration of his ambisonics reverb plugin, which he will present at the Tonmeistertagung in Cologne. After his talk and his sound examples, guests were invited to test the tool during the break.

After the break, 3 students from sound design, Clemens Markart, Michael Bernsteiner and Simon Dolliana, showed their fantastic contributions to Europe’s second 3D Audio student production competition, which will also take place at the Tonmeistertagung. We want to wish them good luck for their productions!

The last project was from the IEM staff itself. Matthias Frank and Daniel Rudrich took the stage to show a recent 360-degree audio/video choir recording and made sure to point out that ambisonics recording isn’t limited to special microphones – recordings with well-sounding large non-coincendet microphone arrays can easily be encoded into ambisonics too. Since Daniel is also the father of the IEM plugin suite, he took the chance to promote his RoomEncoder plugin and asked people to vote for it at the JUCE Plugin Award. Good luck for that too!

All in all it was a very diverse and successful evening, which was concluded over beer and pizza. We are very much looking forward to the next session.

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