5th job opportunity meeting – a report

On 8th of June, we were glad to host our 5th annual job opportunity meeting online. Even more so, because last year’s edition had to be cancelled last-minute. Despite the forthcoming end of semester, pending exams and sunshine, many students of all semesters came together to listen to three alumnis and their different career-paths:


Daniel Deboy

told his story, full-circle, from recording, over being a doctoral student at CERN to founding a business and going back to the recording roots. The most important lessons were to self-reflect a lot and to follow one’s intuition and passion.


Matthias Kronlachner

presented in a demonstrative way which lectures he remembered were most important for his programming skills, and which programming languages are useful to spend time with – be sure to check out the AES “Winter Workshop Wahnsinn”, where you learn, among others, PureData and JUCE (C++).


Hannes Pessentheiner

did his PhD at TU Graz and after spending quite some time in the US at Qualcomm, he returned to Austria and is involved in the academic course of Elektrotechnik-Toningenieur.


Thanks to Daniel, Matthias, and Hannes for sharing their stories. It motivated and inspired us to continue thriving in our common major, celebrating the seemingly endless possibilities of this amazing education. We are looking forward to the 6th edition next year!